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Do you require legal advice and representation for a police interview?

The best person to advise you on whether you need legal advice at the police station is an independent legal advisor and NOT the police. It is against the law for the police to try and dissuade you from having legal advice.

Code C of the codes of practise paragraph 6.4 states that ‘no police officer should, at any time, do or say anything with the intention of dissuading any person who is entitled to legal advice in accordance with this Code, whether or not they have been arrested and are detained, from obtaining legal advice’. This may not stop certain police officers trying anyway.

People’s perception is that if they seek legal advice, it may make them look guilty – it doesn’t, it is your right. This is your most important right at the police station, whether you are in custody having been arrested or attending as a volunteer.

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What Are The Benefits Of Obtaining Legal Advice?

  • The officer dealing with your case would first provide your legal advisor with disclosure information about the allegation against you. You will then be at an advantage prior to the police interview in knowing what the case is all about.
  • We can request the above from the officer before the interview appointment. If you don’t have a legal advisor, you would be put at a disadvantage in having limited information about the case against you prior to the police interview.
  • We would also have ample time to go through this with you taking your statement prior to the actual interview-taking place.
  • Once we have had a consultation with you and considered the strengths and weaknesses of the police’s case, we are then in a good position to advise you.
  • There are three options with regards to advice for any police interview, which can be to put forward a full account, answer ‘no comment’ to questions or a ‘prepared statement’.
  • Your legal representative can read out the ‘prepared statement’ at the start of the interview on your behalf before you provide ‘no comment’ answers to questions.
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"It was really a shocking experience when I received a call from police, asking me to attend an interview. The outcome could have been anything. I researched a lot and finally came to a conclusion, that it is safe to have somebody represent me while the interview takes place.

I found SJB legal consultants apart from two others Law firms who said they will arrange a call back but never did and time was running short but, Mr Bunker, was entirely different from other firms, he explained the situation clearly, and guided me in the right direction and on the day of representation, he travelled quite a long distance to be there for my case. The discussion went fine under his supervision and expertise and I felt confident speaking to the police by having Mr Bunker by my side.

He educated me about the process just prior to the interview. It was a stressful experience and would have gone worse had it not been for him. He was right on time and later he called me to let me know the case was dropped. I was happy. I’m very thankful to Mr Bunker, who is a down to earth soul. I strongly recommend his services if you get into a situation like an interview or any criminal cases. Truly a gentleman with an amazing attitude."

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