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If you have been asked to attend a police interview, SJB Legal Consultants Ltd is on hand to provide legal advice.

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If you receive a call from the police or they attend your home to invite you in for an interview, it can be a daunting experience and highly stressful. It is advisable at this early stage to seek legal advice to protect your best interests. We will attend the police station with you and guide you through the process, from entering the police station to when you leave. We can contact the officer concerned on your behalf and make arrangements for the interview to take place. If the police believe there is a ‘necessity’ to arrest you upon arrival at the police station, we can make representations to try and dissuade them from doing so.

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A Typical Police Interview Scenario

1 Step

The MET police force sends Jimmy a letter in the post stating that they require him to attend a voluntary (caution plus 3) police interview as there has been an allegation made against him. They have requested that he emails the officer in charge, DC Mead, to make this appointment. The police loosely mention that he is entitled to bring a legal representative along with him. He has not been informed as to what the circumstances of the offence are that they are investigating him for.

2 Step

Jimmy does some research online to have an understanding of the process into a Voluntary Police Interview and what impact it may have on him.

interview table
interview chairs

3 Step

Jimmy contacts us for a free consultation and now has a more in-depth understanding of the whole process.

4 Step

Following on from this, Jimmy decides that it is in his best interests to have representation by his side, even though he has done nothing wrong in his mind to make sure that his rights are protected. He is reassured that instructing legal representation does not make him look guilty.

5 Step

We take all of the basic details from Jimmy and inform him that we will email the officer on his behalf with a view of making this appointment to go in with him. We inform Jimmy that we will also request a copy of the disclosure into the allegation in question, which will be the police’s summary of events.

6 Step

The officer emails us back with the requested disclosure, and an appointment is made for the interview.

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"Attended a voluntary interview for allegedly folding a side mirror without the express permission of the owner thereby causing damage to a motor vehicle.

It was very distressing bearing in mind that I was looking at a scenario whereby I could have been slapped with a criminal record and be made to cover costs of something that was not of my own doing.

It was however very reassuring to have had my legal representative, Stephen Bunker with me who spelt out all the possible options that were open to me.

He was very confident and professional and through his wise counsel, the matter was dropped without further action."

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