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"Steve remained very concise and detailed when explaining the situation to my partner and I. He made sure that we knew what was going on and how the interview will go. He also advised us on the possibilities I could take in this interview, which action was the better option, and the possible outcomes should we follow said route. The experience with Steve was very structured and professional. I felt like he knew what he was doing and even prompted some questions of his own during the interview with police permission, which I found extremely useful at elaborating on my case. I would definitively recommend Mr Bunker!"

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"Absolutely outstanding, I usually don’t trust some websites because you never know if they would get back to you and yet alone in the time needed. Considering it is a 24-hour service, it really did comply; I had called early hours in the morning and had an automatic response. Mr Bunker himself, from SJB Legal is very understanding, and wastes no time in fulfilling your needs and concerns, whether it be to call the necessary people needed, to book an appointment, to travel distance to be at a police interview, he is on task. I can sincerely say I am very grateful. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. The outcome of this service has enabled my case to be dropped. Impeccable."

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We Work With a Leading Criminal Defence Law Firm in the UK.

In the event of any matters going to court, we are partnered with a specialist law firm that we can refer you to.

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SJB Legal Consultants Ltd acts as a consultancy for a leading criminal defence law firm in England. It is vitally important to understand that when invited in for a police voluntary / caution plus 3 interview or arrested, you are entitled to free and independent legal advice. In this instance, most individuals opt for using their own lawyer, which is where SJB Legal comes in.

Our team appreciate the stressful situation that people can face and that prosecution can be life-changing. We have experienced advisors who provide excellent legal advice in voluntary police interviews, ensuring that you are fully prepared for any situation. Our expert representation is available on a 24-hour basis, covering police interviews across England. All of our consultants are registered with the legal aid agency and law society.

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